Food Hangover

Yes, you read correctly. I have a food hangover. I’m not sure what got into me this weekend, but wow – I indulged. And I’m not talking about alcohol (not too much of that, anyway).

I’m not sure what got into me…I had a great workout (14.3 for The CrossFit Games Open) and after that an amazing client (we always have a great time together) then I went home, had a snack….then dinner rolled around and I didn’t want to cook, so we went for Mexican.

Here’s the deal. I allow myself chips and salsa from time to time – it’s its own food group and one of my favorites. ┬áSaturday night I had ALOT of them. Wow. It’s like the world was ending and I needed 18 bowls of chips…then, with dinner, I had cheese…OH! Friday night I had a snack of cheese and Mary’s Crackers. Sunday? Felt like crap – so I added a gluten free pizza to the mix.

We all have our ‘cheat’ meals/days…this weekend, mine just seemed to go on and on. You know what I woke up with this morning? A dairy-carb induced food hangover, complete with crankiness and a rash on my arms (dairy induced eczcema) and I looked like sh*t. Bags under my eyes, swollen joints (couldn’t get my wedding ring on), haze in my brain…

What’s done is done. I cannot beat myself up over it, my body is giving me the finger right now so I don’t want to toss an emotionally hard time on top of it.

What I do know is this: I need to eat clean to be on top of my game, and not just in the gym, physically. My food bender has affected me emotionally and mentally. I’ve known this, but apparently I needed a reminder.

So I move forward this week with very clean eating. And I know by Friday, I will be back to feeling like a million bucks.

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