Fruit Flies

Who else has had issues with fruit flies this year? Seriously, they seem worse for some reason! Even when I don’t have any fruit or wine on the counter, they are there…yuck.

My daughter gave me a trick that REALLY helps – and it uses stuff most of us have on hand already.

My picture won’t upload, but this is simple! So, grab these items (I make at least 2 at a time and space out in the kitchen):

  • Ramekin dish
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Dis SSoap

Put a squirt of dish soap in the ramekin (about a tablespoon). Place 1-2 cap fulls of vinegar over it. Swirl briefly. Do not fully mix, just a light swirl.

Place where you want. And the next morning, check it out. Kind of gross, kind of cool.

The vinegar attracts the flies, the dish soap ‘sticks’ them – they can’t get out of the sticky stuff. Try it!





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