Kettlebell Training

To LiveFit we need strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Anyone who has ever worked out in a gym knows that these elements are often compartmentalized into different workouts. Kettlebells uniquely combine all these aspects into one functional and – dare we say it? – fun workout.


Kettlebells blend strength, cardiovascular fitness, core strength and stability, mobility, flexibility and balance into a kind of “condensed” training that benefits anyone – no matter what you are already doing. Benefits include:

  • Builds strength and endurance
  • Provides a great cardio workout
  • Strengthens joints
  • Improves posture
  • Improves coordination and agility
  • Increases fat loss

“OK, so what do I do with a kettlebell?” you ask. The kettlebell swing is the most common kettlebell movement.  It gives you everything  you need in a workout.  It is a ballistic movement that works all your muscles together. We build a solid foundation on kettlebell swing and move into other challenging movements like the one arm swing, clean, press and snatch, and more. The combinations are endless!

Kettlebells blend strength, power, cardiovascular fitness, dynamic core stability, mobility, flexibility, and balance into a kind of ‘condensed’ training that benefits anyone – no matter what you are already doing.

Kettlebells epitomize full body movements through coordinated physical effort, mental concentration and dynamic intensity – and they deliver ALL AROUND FITNESS. They are compact, inexpensive, virtually indestructible, and can be used anywhere.

Get in the swing with kettlebells

Let LiveFit get you started on the fundamentals of kettlebell training and you have a workout you can easily do at home. If you can’t get enough, let Shasonta, our certified advanced kettlebell instructor, help you refine your swing, tackle new movements, and take your workout to the next level.

Check our Services (link here) page for information on our kettlebell training and group classes.