LiveFit Whole30 Day 1 Behind Us!

Way to go, LiveFitter’s! We have day one down, only 29 to go. Day one wasn’t too bad for me – I was prepared! Here’s what I had on hand and when I made it:

  • Breakfast: chicken-veggie soup. Yes, you read correctly, I had soup for breakfast! Think outside of the box – leftovers are great! Made: Sunday.
  • Coffee – this should go without saying. 🙂 I use canned coconut milk for creaminess.
  • Mid morning snack: kale-peach-banana smoothie Made: Wednesday.
  • Lunch: Power green-artichoke heart-pom seed-avocado-chicken salad w/lemon-garlic-avocado oil dressing. Made: Tuesday (added dressing when I was ready to eat it). Spoonful of almond butter.
  • Snack while prepping for dinner Friday night (we’re having friends over): tuna-radish-carrot-celery-salad w/homemade mayo. Made: Wednesday.
  • Dinner: bison steak and seared green beans. Made right before we ate it.
  • Dessert: lemon fish oil, nighttime tea. Same.

Today was a great day for eating – I feel good knowing exactly what I put in my mouth and  that I made it.

This weekend I’ll share recipes for roasted chicken, chicken satay, zucchini fritters, various veggie sides, bison meatloaf and more!

Let me know how you did on your first day, I’m excited for our journey (comment on FB post or PM me)!


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