Perseverance and Everyday Life

Perseverance: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

I’ve been thinking a lot about perseverance, tenacity, steadfastness, etc. What it means to me, to my life. It has come up a lot regarding my kettlebell training, but it applies to so much more.

I’ve been focused on kettlebell work for a couple of years now. Last year I had some set backs because my Dad’s health has deteriorated. My training went down hill – traveling back and forth to the Midwest every 4-6 weeks for 5 months was tough…at the same time, trying to get my fitness business off the ground, meeting with clients, attending networking meetings, etc. Everything, even working out, went by the wayside for sleep, airport/plane food, crappy beds/sleeping, sitting in a hospital, on a plane, or in a rental car…then running around like a chicken with my head cut off when I was back home trying to play catch up…I was in a daze. I was moody. I had very little to give to anything or anyone.

For lack of a better term, I was a shit show.

I felt sorry for myself because my training had taken a back seat – well, let’s be honest. It was NONEXISTENT. It wasn’t even in my head. When I tried to train, my performance was terrible. TERRIBLE. So what happens? I got pissed, more depressed because I felt that all of the gains I had were gone. I was thinking, ‘what a waste.’ This is also an analogy for my life…I didn’t want to socialize, just wanted to be home, alone, not talking to anyone, eating chips and salsa. My poor husband.

This is not normal, this is not me. I was lost – was I going through a mid life crisis? Was it just the situation with Dad? Why was I not enjoying life, pushing through, supporting Dad, supporting my family, husband, and friends? I had nothing to give.

I started thinking about athletes, people I know, successful business folks, other people I look up to and what they have in common during games, growth, tough times, etc. They all have perseverance. They all have heart. They stick to it. They push forward. They prioritize. They learn. They move forward. Did I not get this gene?! Where was mine?! Could I buy a jar at the Co-Op?!

I had a year where everything else in life took a back seat. And that’s OK. It happens. What I shouldn’t have let happen is the situation overtaking ME as a person. Overtaking my mind, heart, and body. I was lost and it affected everything around me, even my marriage.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching in the last year or so. I realize and own that I create my world, create my growth, create my steadfastness. I have an amazing support group of family and friends that helps me with this and keeps me going to higher places.

How did I get here? How did I make this jump from being in an emotional, lifeless gutter to here? One late night talk with my husband. And it wasn’t pretty. But it was the push I needed to find me again. And without his support, love, and steadfastness for our marriage, and me; I would be writing a much different post.

Everyone will have their switch, their trigger. None of this is magic. Some folks won’t even get to this point. What I had forgotten, but is now very present in my everyday is every situation gives us an opportunity for learning, growth, love and respect.

For tenacity, steadfastness, perseverance.

Dad is in good hands with much support. My business is heading in new and exciting directions. My training is back on track. My life is back and I embrace it with so much enthusiasm.

I will have down days. I’m not thinking life will now be all balloons and cotton candy. But I have a better perspective.

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Pick a few that resonate with you. Write them down. Keep them with you. You have perseverance. You have heart.


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