Plan and Prep: A Quick “How To”

I’ve had several requests lately about how I prep my food for the week…i.e., what do I consider when I meal plan? How do I come up with my meals, snacks, lunches, etc. so my husband and I are set?

When I meal plan, I am almost on auto-pilot. I’ve done it for so long that it’s something I don’t actually think about any more, it’s just habit. But – I always ask myself the same questions every week and that helps me structure my meals.

I hope these questions can help you in your meal planning for the next week!

  1. How many am I feeding for the week? Is it just my husband and myself, do I have any lunches/dinners planned with company?
  2. Are we going out to lunch/dinner at any point, or to someone else’s house? Do I have to bring something?
  3. What days am I home later? Will I have time to cook a meal on those nights?
  4. What days am I home earlier and have enough time to cook that same evening?

Asking the above questions will help you determine HOW MANY meals you need to make in the upcoming week. Once we’ve determined how many, we can determine what and when.

For example, here’s what Dale and I have going on this week:


  • Monday/Tuesday: Dale has dinner meetings (I will be eating solo)
  • Monday/Wednesday: I work late
  • Wednesday: we are both home, Dale home earlier
  • Thursday: we are both home
  • Friday: we are both home
  • Saturday: we are both home and will probably have company

For dinners, when I am eating on my own, it’s pretty simple! I usually have eggs and greens, or, I eat some soup. I ALWAYS make a huge bowl of salads for my lunches during the week, a full package of chicken thighs/breasts for toppers and/or snacks, and an egg bake. This way, I have choices and back up plans.

Here’s what I’ll do for dinners:

  • Monday: chicken veggie soup that I made on Saturday
  • Tuesday: will eat soup or eggs. Prep dinner for Wednesday night so Dale can place in oven and by the time I get home, it will be ready.
  • Wednesday: See above
  • Thursday: will have time to make a meal
  • Friday: will have time to make a meal
  • Saturday: will have time to make meal

Lunches: Dale will still need lunches this week. He usually eats leftovers. So, he will have soup for a couple of days, anything that might be leftover from Sunday’s dinner, then on Thursday and Friday he will have what ever is left over from dinner on Wednesday and Thursday. I’m an easy luncher (and repetitive): I will eat my salads and/or soup. I have a lunch meeting every Thursday so am always taken care of on that day. Breakfasts are taken care of – smoothies and/or the egg bake.

Now I can determine what to make! I have a ton of paleo cook books and the internet is overflowing with great recipes (which is overwhelming in itself). I usually pick just two cookbooks to get inspiration from. This week, here’s what I’m doing:

  • Chicken veggie soup – done
  • Italian bison egg bake with spinach and mushrooms – done
  • Monday – soup
  • Tuesday – Pad Kee Mao, paleo style with whatever veggies I have in the fridge
  • Wednesday – Something with ground pork
  • Thursday – spice rubbed pork chops
  • Friday – we shall see!

This is just a thought list that helps me plan. I hope it helps you too!



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