Product Review: Paleo Wraps

Who doesn’t love a wrap? Totally contained food, one hand use, easy to eat. I’ve been on the hunt for a good wrap that doesn’t fall apart on me while I’m eating it, i.e. sturdiness.

Who uses the word “sturdiness” for food? Me, that’s who.

I’ve used collard greens and also have made my own coconut flour wraps. The collard greens are great but are in season a short time, and the coconut flour wraps I’ve used for enchiladas only due to them falling apart pretty easily (and you need patience and time to make).

If you’re looking for a great wrap for kids lunches, for your lunches or snacks, or whatever, try Paleo Wraps.

Paleo Wrap


  1. Get from Amazon (also Prime!)
  2. Sturdy
  3. Clean ingredients
  4. Holds together well for hours
  5. No need to refrigerate (keep package sealed!)


  1. A bit expensive
  2. Strong coconut flavor (which is ok if you don’t mind that flavor)
  3. Gets very hard if you leave the package open even a little bit

Overall, these are great. I’m getting hungry writing about them. I think I’m going to do an avocado, kale and turkey wrap…yes, very hungry right now….


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