Quick Tip Tuesday

Hey there, LiveFitters! I hope your year is starting off awesome!

Who has a somewhat disheveled under kitchen sink area? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller….Bueller….

Well, I thought I kept that area pretty organized until my husband went under there to put in a new faucet…and took out a bunch of random grocery bags.

I have FOREVER struggled with the best storage methods for paper and plastic. I reuse both around the house.¬†Plastic – small garbage bags, when I’m cooking and toss in¬†anything not food recyclable. I use the paper bags when I’m cooking for food recycling – toss in there, when done, toss straight into the outside bin.

I didn’t really realize how many I had available to me…until Dale went into dark, unknown area under the sink. EEEEEEK…..[Jaws theme music here…]

I thought I had them organized. One paper bag with knotted plastic bags, one paper bag with folded paper bags. I guess when I’ve been putting them away for the last several weeks, I just toss them under the sink thinking I was making it into the appropriate storage bag….oops. This also hogs space in an already tight area!

So, I did this while Dale was working on the sink:


There’s always something laying around the house you probably don’t use. I love magazine holders because they are slim, fit in small space, and keep things very organized.

Enjoy, LiveFitters!


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