New Year. New You. How many times have we heard that?!


Do you want to be ‘new’? Why not just ‘better’? Both of those insinuate that we weren’t good enough before!

Let’s stop beating ourselves up each and every day and focus on the GOOD (this is a great piece from our friends at Girls Gone Strong, check it out). Women beat themselves up ALL THE TIME. Without even thinking about it – it’s automatic, it’s crazy!

For example, New Years Goals. Whose made them, “failed” them, and just given up?

I am just as guilty as the next person. I’ve made resolutions, failed (92% of people fail their NY resolutions), beat myself up, tried again, etc. It’s a horrible cycle. but I wasn’t learning from my WHY.

Take this week, for example. I’m changing my normal workout time from 9am or Noon to 5:30am. I wanted to make it 4 days this week. Well, this morning, which would have been day three, did not come to fruition. I wanted/needed sleep. And I got back to sleep pretty quick. Made it to the 9.

Did I beat myself up? No. Am I going to the gym Friday at 5:30am? Yes (Thursday I have an early client). So, 3/4 ‘ain’t so bad.’

Do I want ‘just ok’ or do I want ‘amazingly awesome’? I want amazingly awesome!!! So, what have I learned over the years to get me there? Here are a few things to help you clarify where you want to go in 2016 (and beyond):

  1. What is the ONE thing you want to do this year?
    1. At home?
    2. At work?
    3. With your family?
    4. Spouse?
    5. Friends?
  2. Do any of these crossover (think ‘two birds, one stone’)?
  3. Once you have figured out the ONE thing for each category, break it down into smaller bits. If you keep it big, it’s overwhelming.
  4. Plan a timeline. I have quarterly deadlines with my projects/goals. Make them specific.
  5. Track your progress – keep a journal. You don’t have to go in depth about it all, just jot down where you’re at. Keep your journal with you at all times so if you think of something, you can write it down.
  6. Don’t beat yourself up if something you wanted to do doesn’t happen. Also, don’t let that be an excuse. Keep pushing forward. It’s just a bump in the road. Learn from the bump. Why did it happen? Will it happen again – no, because you are aware of it and have learned from it.
  7. Have an accountability partner. A good friend who will keep it honest with you, not let you “get off the hook.”
  8. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…I know I’ve already said it, but I’ll say it again – just keep plugging away at it. Even if you work on it for 5 minutes, you’re making progress.

We are in charge of our destinies. We are THE LEAD in our lives. We have control over how we move forward and react to challenges. It’s us! Don’t think of that as pressure. Think of that as empowerment.


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